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Magic Spine Relief

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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"Last year there were 519,000 workers in the US, affected by work related musculoskeletal disorders. Of this number 61% involved the lumbar back or neck."

Study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Back rests don't prevent spine pain. Magic Spine Relief does.

"Conventional back rests can increase the risk of herniated disc syndrome. We've made The Magic Spine Relief different."

Sets Up Quickly, Start Using the Magic Spine Relief Right Away 

Three Levels Of Adjustment Meet Different Needs

Usage Instructions

Multi-Functional For Everyone, Helping You Enjoy A Healthy Life

Protect Your Spine Easily

Over 37,ooo+ Happy customers Talked about Magic Spine Relief

"Versatility is fabulous. Important to know the neck & back stretch can be accomplished simultaneously. But, there are 3 level of stretch per & all are wonderful!

Easy to use, assemble, disassemble, & clean."

"cannot say enough good things about this. My kids and I all use it now. I was waking up unable to move my neck side to side from a fractured back shoulder blade in High School that over the years with computer use has tightened up and gotten so stiff that normal exercise and stretching doesn't cut it anymore."

"I purchased these two devices because I experience spinal comprehension, tightness, and sciatica issues die to a degenerative disk in my lower vertebrae"

"This works well. It provides me with much needed neck and should tension relief. The material is quality so don’t be afraid that you’ll break it."

"This product help me lot ,, I use my phone a lot for work , and I workout a lot too."