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Q1: Will this mat work with a textured tub?

A1: Yes, the mat is suitable for a textured tub.

Q2:  Is this mat mold resistance?

A2: Absolutely, the safe mat is mildew-resistant, however, to ensure its longevity, it should be rinsed and hung over a grab bar after each shower.

Q3: Does it smell bad? Is it easy to clean?

A3: It doesn't smell and it's washable & easy to clean.

Q4: Can this be cut to fit?

A4: Of course, the mat can be cut as you like. But be careful of the edge of the cut mat.

Q5: Does the hairs get caught in it?

A5: Hair won't get caught in it. It just stays on the surface and can be easily removed when the mat is rinsed.